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Smoking Vs Vaping - Compare the pros and cons

'Vaping' is the term used to describe someone sucking on a personal nicotine vaporiser.
There is no burning therefore no REAL smoke... so the term 'smoking' does not apply.
The smoke 'effect' is basically a water-based vapour - hence the term 'vaping'

All smokers know that tobacco cigarettes can kill you... and that the money spent on them could be better used elsewhere... but we all know that Nicotine is highly addictive and rationale doesn't help people overcome the cravings.
Even children pleading that they don't want their parents to get cancer can't stop the need for cigarettes.
But, it's NOT just the nicotine that smokers crave... which is why many aids to stop smoking and nicotine substitutes fail to work.
They don't address the associated behaviours which play such an important part in the relaxation or pleasure that smoking provides - the whole routine of putting the cig in your mouth, the draw, the throat hit and blowing out the smoke... it's a complete package


NO NEED kick the Nicotine... just get a new Routine 

Get your nicotine... guilt free!


The Pros...
Hand to mouth action, deep inhale (INSPIRE), the throat hit, controlled exhale and swirling smoke... all combine to produce feelings of well-being and relaxation.

The Cons...
- Tobacco  =  Tar, Carbon Monoxide, around 4000 Toxic chemicals, smelly breath, smelly clothes & furnishings, stained teeth & toxic cigarette butt disposal.
- Tobacco smoking is dangerous and so subject to Smoking Restrictions to protect others from second hand smoke.
- Risk of cancer, lung damage, heart disease, sexual problems - to name but a few health issues
- Plus high cost due to high taxation and greedy corporations


The pros...

- Nicotine itself is linked to Niacin - a vitamin, used in the treatment
of depressione-cig symbol (read more about Nicotine and Niacin below)
- Nicotine in cigarettes comes from the burning of tobacco leaves which burns pesticides and releases tar and other nasties which you inhale... but in vaping, the nicotine is in solution so it's much cleaner for your body.

- No need to give up the nictone...
Vaping provides the nicotine and the behaviours smokers enjoy, but you can also choose nicotine strength and even ZERO NICOTINE OPTION if you want to quit it but still have the relaxing behaviour routine...
AND there are some fabulous flavours to try!

IT'S HEALTHIER... Nicotine WITHOUT the Tar, carbon monoxide and toxic chemicals.
There's no burning tobacco so No second hand smoke.... so it's safer for friends and family too!

MORE FREEDOM... No real smoke, therefore SMOKING LAWS DO NOT APPLY
You can vape pretty much where and when YOU want! ( though certain company policies may ask you to refrain from vaping ,  like no shirt no shoes no service )
Indoors, at your desk, at the pub, cinema.. even on board aircraft
(subject to airline regulations, but some airlines even sell  personal vaporisers on board!)

Once people understand the smoke 'effect' is a reletively harmless water vapour they have no problems being around your fog machine!
This is why we use the term PERSONAL VAPORISER instead of e-cigarette or e-cig....
by removing these word associations it's easier to persuade people it's not 'smoking' and not a harmful cigarette

Cigarette waste vs e-cig wasteIT'S FRIENDLIER.... 
No smelly clothes or furnishings, no stinky ash-trays, no cigarette butts and less waste to dispose of.
No smelly cig breath = more attractive when snogging!   


Independent studies show that vaping costs up to 90% less than smoking! 
What could you or your family do with that extra cash?

The cons... ermmm...... Where is the downside??

In the 6 years since the conception of the PV or e-cig (2005) there have been no deaths related to vaping and and no reports of vaping related desease, so the option is certainly a more attractive one for the recreational use of nicotine based products.
IT'S A NO BRAINER!  Get the nicotine you crave, where and when YOU want, no more being a social outcast or dirty looks when you light up
.... AND have lots more money to spend on other things!

Legally we can't claim that vaping can help you quit smoking, but read the customer testimonials and see for yourself how it's changed the lives of many smokers.

This diagram shows that the materials used to make cigarettes and filters contain many harmful elements

Whereas the simplicity of a personal vaporiser means that the the body only has to deal with:
- Nicotine (if included in the vaping liquid) and
- the liquid used to create the solution - normally Vegetable Glycerin or Propylene Glycol with flavouring....
All food grade products which are easily dealt with by the body.

The cons... ermmm...... Where is the downside??

Of course studies continue into the long term use of these vapour liquids, but given the vastly reduced number of chemicals, vaping must certainly be far safer than tobacco cigarettes which have proven links to cancer and many other serious health issues.

Decide on the odds for yourself but we, and our customers, believe that vaping is the intelligent choice!!

Food for thought possibly ?
Wikipedia Extracts - Links between Nicotine and Niacin (Vitamin B3)

Niacin was first described by Hugo Weidel in 1873 in his studies of nicotine.
The original preparation remains useful: The oxidation of nicotine using nitric acid...
When the biological significance of nicotinic acid was realised, it was thought appropriate to choose a name to dissociate it from nicotine... to avoid the perception that vitamins or niacin-rich foods contain nicotine, or that cigarettes contain vitamins.
The resulting name 'niacin' was derived from nicotinic acid + vitamin.

Niacin (also known as vitamin B3, nicotinic acid and vitamin PP) is an organic compound... and, depending on the definition used, one of the forty to eight essential human nutrients.

More info pages...

We understand that many smokers simply can't or don't want to quit the nicotine...
so here's a safer alternative with many other benefits!

Be INSPIRED - make the life-changing switch TODAY!